Monday, 5 December 2016

Digital Scrap-booking Layouts

Trying to get back to crafting after a few months absence, is proving tricky for various reasons, firstly my health, and then the fact my craft-room is back in boxes ( I KNOW SIGH ) so new windows could be fitted, and fitted they are all apart from that room as the window cracked as they fitted it :0.

Hopefully all will be fixed this Friday and i can get back in and hopfully get some craft/design time started ...

In the meantime i have been playing with Digital Layouts using template challenges from the Facebook group Learning Digital Scrap-booking and Challenges  the group of my old friend Hummie.

Template 1 - My Cookie monster having cuddles
( ok she doesnt eat cookies lol but you could munch on her she so adorable ;) ) 

Template 2 - My fathers business, a huge part of my life back then.


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