Sunday, 22 May 2016

Thursday Themed Challenges from Hummie 1 - 5

As i have said before i LOVE the Challenges from Hummie, here is the first set from her 
Thursday Themed Challenge Set 1.

Set 1 - 1 - Then and Now 

I created this back in 2008 on my first go at these challenges, I think an up 
to date one may be in order :/

Set 1 - 2 - Path 

again I created this back in 2008 on my first go at these challenges,

Set 1 - 3 - Persistence

and boy it certainly was with the amount of hedge i had at my old house !!!!

Set 1 - 4 - Dream

I Dreamed a Dream and you are here.


Set 1 - 5 - Caution

Have Caution when you try something new, i can still see her face now  :D

Watch out for the next 5 Tomorrow :) 


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