Monday, 23 May 2016

Thursday Themed Challenges from Hummie 6 - 10

Here we go with the Next 5 from Hummies Challenge :D

If you want to play along, or learn Photoshop check out her GROUP HERE

Set 1 - 6 - Circle

Love the effect this has not taking away from the photo.

Set 1 - 7 - Vacation

My first holiday in 10 Years last year.

Set 1 - 8 - Bath

The kids loved mums Jacuzzi Bath

Set 1 - 9 - Cuddle

Nanan having a cuddle with baby Adam

Kit - Understated Elegance - Dragons Lair Designs

Set 1 - 10 - Purple

Kit - Lupus Mini - Dragons Lair Designs

Next Set to Follow :D


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